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Kanazawa specialty

Nodoguro Overnight dried

Recommended Nodoguro Overnight dried

The name of the fish is blackthroat seaperch, but it lives at a depth of
200 meters and is called Nodoguro because it has a black throat. I am.
The greasy, tender and sweet meat is excellent. You can also eat the gills
with reduced salt


Steamed lotus

Recommended Steamed lotus

Grate lotus root, add ingredients and steam
Ankake with bonito soy sauce It smells sticky
and lotus root

900 yen


Recommended Jibuni

There is a theory that Jibu-ni was invented by Okabe Jibu-ni and makes a jib and jib sound. Bamboo shoots, raw fu, shiitake mushrooms, duck, and green vegetables with wasabi sauce.

1,700 yen

Crab cream croquette

Recommended Homemade crab cream croquette
You can only eat here

Because it uses raw crab, it has a very rich taste
Therefore, I don't use sauce, it's very popular

900 yen

Gratin / Only 5 pieces a day

Recommended Gratin / Only 5 pieces a day

It takes time because it is made after it is ordered
. Add various vegetables and crab meat,
and the aroma of cheese It stands out.

1,900 yen

Grilled silk cod sauce

Recommended Grilled silk cod sauce

Homemade, delicious sauce using starch syrup
Soft and greasy

1,200 yen

Eel egg sauce

Recommended Eel egg sauce

Eel fits very well in a soft egg
Soup is bonito sauce

900 yen

Fried tofu

Fried tofu

Deep-fried silken tofu The bonito stock,
green onions, and grated maple go well together.

900 yen

Fried loach

Fried loach

Our shop is the origin of Tsu. Live loach sprinkled with flour and sprinkled with a bite and taste. Loach kabayaki is a Christian of the Edo period Made by missionaries

900 yen

Fried White shrimp

Recommended Fried White shrimp

Toyama's specialty white shrimp is very
fragrant when fried. The aroma of
shrimp goes well with beer.

900 yen

Yellowtail dumpling

Recommended Yellowtail dumpling
Limited to 10 pieces a day Recommended from our shop!

Homemade, it is popular because
it tastes like Shumai

900 yen

Deep fried oysters

Deep fried oysters

It's very juicy. Please with sauce

900 yen

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